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Sunburn Classic

When: Saturday September 14 @ 9:00am

Who: T&C Skate & Osiris Shoes

Where: Aala Park

What: "SunburnClassic" Contest & $200 Best Trick Contest and Pro Demo Featuring: JOSH KASPER,


As always there is nothing new to report in bumfuck Hawaii.

Additions to the H.O.R
Recent additions to the Hilo park include a 18" ledge in the begginners section and a modified bank launch in the far corner. Check 'em out.

New Skateparks
I'm sure this isn't news to many of you but for those who dont know here it is. PAHOA has plans to begin construction the weekend after Thanksgiving. The first section will be 30'x60' and located where the baseball field used to be.
Waimea has also been planning to build a cement park for some time. Rumor has it that they have a shit-load of money what with all the rich people in Waimea and all their fundraisers. I don't know when they will start. Maybe they have already???

My ramp is almost done. If anyone would like to come out and skate thats too bad, becuase its my ramp. I'm gonna put up a tarp over it and get some lights and music. It'll be bad. I'll have plans up soon.


On Saturday I will be departing on the "One Man Tour" to California, Minnesota, Illinois and everywhere else. I will try to update whenever I have access to a computer. Check back to see what I'm up to on the mainland...


Jay and I have been working on the "Stupid" (thanks for voting everyone) video as much as we can but it's still behind shedule, we're gonna try to finnish it on Thursday.

Dan, Jay, and grom Gabe got their boards and Dan's rail taken by the law for evidence at Wailoa Park. I guess skateboarding is a crime.


When: June 14-16th
Who: Local Motion & Ezekiel Clothing
Why: Skate Into Summer 2002
Skaters: Kerry Getz, Satva Leung, Kevin Long,
Jeremy Holmes, Carlos De Andrade

Not that anyone cares but the TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards went down a little bit ago and here's the results:

Best Team - Flip
Best Vert Skater - Bob Burnquist
Rookie of the Year - Mark Appleyard
Best Video - Chomp On This
Best Video Part - Heath Kirchart in Sight Unseen
Best Street Skater - Arto Farto
Reader's Choice - Rodney Mullen
TransWorld SKATEboarding Legend - Tony Alva

HOLY SHIZNIT!!! The wheels are here so go buy them, they're only $20.

The highly anticipated (yeah right) Oasis video will be finished by June 3, 2003. But we are gonna get it done by Monday. if you want one I can hook you up with a copy for a mere 50 bones.


Oasis wheels will be arriving sooner than you can count to a million. ( Probably a couple more days)

Well Jake is "anti-Oasis" now so i guess he doesn't want to be a part of crew. Also Ryan Welter is the UNofficial co-owner of Oasis! Check back for more details about this new change in the force.

I added Dustin and Gabe's profiles. Also I put a couple new pictures on the site. More to come so check back. Now go skate.

I added Dan's profile, and just generally updated the whole site. Alot of stuff needs fixing so basically I'm just trying to make the site look better.


Friday, June 14th (Oahu)

2-4pm demo: Keolu skate park

5-7pm autograph: Windward Mall Local Motion

Saturday, June 15th (Oahu)

2-4pm demo: Mililani skate park

5-7pm autographs: Waikele Local Motion

Sunday, June 16th (Maui)

11am-1pm demo: Kahului skate park

2-4pm autographs: Ka'ahumanu Local Motion

The word on the street is that EZEKIEL is going to be at Big Island Smurf signing autographs on Monday

(info provided by 50-50.com)