Oasis Skateboard Co.




The company called Oasis is small. You may say to yourself, "Oh, it's a little company, their decks must suck balls." However, the situation is quite the opposite. Most big companies don't give a fuck about the skaters that buy their boards, Oasis cares about you guys. We loves skateboarders, but not in a homosexual way.

Our company was started when we saw the demand in our city for quality decks that were affordable. All the young groms were forced to ride World Industries decks from the mall that cost upwards of $60. We say fuck the mall. If the kids weren't skating a mall deck it was boards made by a toy store that sold Pokemon and G.I. Joe. We would have this no longer, and thus Oasis was born...

Oasis is built on originality. We want to be just a litle bit different than everyone else. Skateboarding has always been about expression and being yourself. Our company is against corporate suits trying to jump in on something they know nothing about. Oasis is skater owned and operated.


Oasis skateboards give you the stiff pop that equals fat ollies. Our skateboards are made using the highest quality 100% hardwood maple. We use a specially formulated custom glue designed for skateboards, not snowboards like some other companies use, so our boards hold their snap. All of our boards are handcrafted in the USA. Since we do not mass produce our skateboards, we can keep them on the press longer under extremely high pressure, curing the glue more thoroughly. This process gives boards a better pop and holds the concave longer. Our goal is to manufacture highest quality skate deck that keeps riders coming back skate with our boards. Oasis believes that quality product leads to quality skating.

How much can you say about a skateboard? It's a peice of wood for God's sake. But Oasis is the best peice of wood you can ride.

Fuck corporate America! Buy local and keep it real.

If you're a shop or business owner and are interested in carrying Oasis product contact us