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Shooting With a Fisheye

In todays skateboard videos you will find the allustrious DEATH LENS aka the fisheye. This is the most overused filming technique TODAY! Many untalented filmers decide to use the fisheye because they simply don't know how else to film. However it is still necessary for filming runs etc., so I would suggest getting one. Though I dont suggest for everyone to go buy a .3x Century Optics I do recommend at least getting a .42x Kenko or other brand wide angle. The lense cost far less(Century=700 .42x=100 or less) and will get the job done.

Things to do when filming with the fisheye

* turn off STEADYSHOT. If you have a Sony camera you have this feature and make sure it is off when filming with the death lense. If you keep it on it will look as if you are trying hold the lense in front of the camera. Thus making your footage HORRIBLE. So turn it off!
* Turn on the manual focus because you never know what auto is going to do
* Keep it steady-dont jerk the camera around
* Keep it tilted up towards the sky

How to Film Stairs

Here is an example of a long lense shot

Here is an example of using a fisheye

Stairs......you will be filming alot of these in your day, i know i do. And that is why it is important to get your skills down and be able to film stairs. As there is for many things you have to choices-film with the death lense or long lense. To decide which one to use first survey the spot. First look at the stairs, are the wide or skinny, will there be enough room for you to be on the stairs when the skater is skating the stairs? If no then you should film long lense.

If there is room then look around at the scenery, can you see any long lense possibiltes? If you still cant decide which one to choose take a look at both. Play around with angles, see what they both look like.

If you decide to film with the fisheye you can anywhere on the stairs to get an angle. Just make sure to get the whole skater in the shot and have the camera tilted upwards toward the sky at a slight angle.

Shooting Indoors

See the greenish-yellow tint?

Many times when you see footage that was filmed indoors you will notice that it has this ugly orange tint. This is due to an incorrect white balance settiing. Even though most cameras do have an indoor fluorescent setting, I sugguest doing it yourself. That is why you should always bring a white card with. You use the white card by holding it in front of the camera lense and then setting the white balance accordingly.

So if you are planning to film a contest or somewhere with fluorescent lights make sure to follow these guidlines-

* Bring a camera light. A light will allow you to film with a faster shutter speed and thats always a plus.
* Be sure to bring a white card so you can manual set the white balance thus getting rid of that ugly ass orange tint.
* Set the focus manualy. You must do this because if you leave it on auto the camera will get confused by the fluorescent lights and can thus make out of focus

So follow those simple tips and I assure you that your indoor footage will improve greatly!

Shooting Long Lense

Take it off for once!!!

This is the ultimate film shot! This is what you use on those gnarly sets, gaps and rail shots. When you use the long lense shot it makes it so you can actually see whats going on. This type of shot gives you a hell of alot more creativity then the DEATH LENSE. Look at Menkimati, Fred Montagne, the filmer of the video created his own filming technique and look how well Menkimati did! Its one of the greatest videos of all time! So use this shot! Learn it!