Oasis Skateboard Co.
B/S Feeble



A B/S feeble is basically like a F/S smith but you ollie over from the other side to get into it.

1) Heres what I did to learn feebles. Start on a flatbar.

2) First, I just got used to doing B/S 50-50s on a rail.

3) When your comfortable with those just roll up to the rail at a comfortable speed at about a 35 degree angle and pop so your front truck goes over to the other side of the rail but so your back truck locks in.

4) Chances are the first couple times you'll nosedive so you may not want to go to fast until you learn how to get into em,

5) Now that you know how to get in practice balancing it out. All you have to do is push down with you front foot, but keep all your weight on the back.

6) If you know how to do smith grinds it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to learn.

7) Balance it out. When you get to the end of the rail just lift up the nose and land it.

8) Now go show all the biz-atches to recognize.

Don't you wish there was a flatbar like this where you live?