Oasis Skateboard Co.



1) Alrighty than. Ride at a moderate speed, however, keep in mind that the faster you go the easier it will be.

2) Put you feet in the ollie position with your front foot right behind the front truck bolts. Now ride up towards the rail ( its easier on a rail but less scary on a box) at a slight angle.

3) Snap an ollie and get your back truck on the rail. Once its locked in point your front foot down to the side.

4) To balance it (which is the hardest part) you lean back and put pressure on your back foot. Don't lean forward or you'll nose dive and eat the shit of your life. Just push the nose down using your front foot.

5) Simply come off the end of whatever your grinding by slightly turning your board straight and level that sucka out. Now roll away.

Jay. Smith. Need I say more?