Oasis Skateboard Co.
Sean Payne



How old are you? 21

Where do you live? Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii.

Have you skated any sick pools with Kale? No, I seen him the other day.I think he was fucked up.

Have you ever been to Wallows? No.

Why not? I dont even know where it is. Its hidden in some neighborhood.plus my switch tre' wont work there

What's the best spot for skimboarding? Ke Iki Beach.

How long have you been skimboarding for? 4 or five years, ever since I lived over here.

How often do you skimboard? I try and go every morning if there's waves...If there's no waves I cant really do much. I just end up drinking with the tourists and picking up on hot chicks

If you were measured in Panchos, how tall would you be? About two Panchos.

Where's the best place you've travelled to through skateboarding? Vancouver, Canada.

Who inspires you? Anticon.

What music are you listening to these days? Anticon

What other music are you listening to? Bunch of records from the Salvation Army. I just go to the Salvation Army and buy whatever, there only $1.00.

You have a big record collection? Starting to.

What kind of turntable do you have? Newmart.

If you had to ollie someone, would you choose Pancho or Wee-man and why? Pancho. I think it would make a good ad.

What's up with Josh Swindell? I have no idea, what kind of question is that.

Just a little Think history, do you know who he is? Yeah. He smashed someones head in with a brick and is in the big house for life

Nollie or fakie? Nollie.

Rail or tail? Tail.

What's your best vert trick? Manual across the flat bottom.

Who are you sponsored by? Think, Split clothing, DVS shoes, Venture Trucks, 808 Skate hawaii, Lucky wheels, Odysee Backpacks.

Why do you skate your board backwards? It's more comfortable for me.

Do you hate Ears? No, I think Danny really does and just about every one else who has traveled with him!

How much weed do you smoke in a week? I dont remember.

Props: My parents and chuck at 808 skates- I love that guy, he's cool.

Frontsider kickflip at Hickam

Most people would hit the rail or the stairs, but Sean blasts a phat kickflip over the fence.

5-0 with tall and lanky style

Interview from www.thrashermagazine.com